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are the subjects of our interactive solutions
that we have been developing since 2013


are major components of our DNA

years of virtual reality experience

Human Games has been developing immersive virtual reality applications since 2013 for global companies such as Nestlé (Switzerland and USA), SUEZ, Engie, EDF, and prestigious institutions such as University Hospital Zurich, École nationale supérieure des Mines de Nancy.

We specialize in the immersive gamification of training programs and safety procedures as well as behavior simulation. We are also developing mixed and augmented reality applications as well as the Metaverse.

  • We have over 25 VR / MR / AR / Metaverse applications to our credit;
  • We export our know-how to Switzerland, Germany and the USA.
Our Partners:
Human Games User Experience
Human Games is constantly innovating and improving the user interface
in order to make using VR as intuitive and easy as possible.
Today we have an exclusive and intuitive interface
which provides a unique experience for the users of our applications.

HUMAN GAMES innovates once again with:

Human Games - Réalité virtuelle - Nancy - Lorraine - Grand Est

Human Games - Réalité virtuelle - constuire - outil - Grand Est
Create your own environments.
Arrange your virtual space in the image of your business.
Familiar surroundings will enhance the effectiveness of the immersion and make the experience even more realistic.
Your employees and / or clients will find themselves through the details that make up the personality of your company.
Build your own scenarios and save them.
You can build and save your scenarios qui répondent précisément à vos objectifs.
Vous disposez ainsi d'une palette de situations et d’interactions que vous pouvez assembler pour cibler vos besoins.
Human Games - Réalité virtuelle - Nancy - Lorraine - Grand Est
Human Games - Réalité virtuelle - Nancy - Lorraine - Grand Est
Interact simultaneously in virtual reality and the real world.
Pilot a virtual machine from the controls of the real machine. For example, we have carried out this type of project for Noremat.
Communicate with the real world through instant messaging.
The trainer can challenge the user via instant messaging, this avoids breaking the immersion because the trainer is thus part of the virtual world.
The user can interact with the trainer via the HumanTab virtual tablet.
Intelligent Assessment System.
Human Games has created a smart and accurate rating system.
Our AI relies on algorithms, not big data, to simplify GDPR compliance.
A PDF retracing the journey and reporting the results is automatically generated at the end of each use.
Human Games - Réalité virtuelle - Nancy - Lorraine - Grand Est
The graphics of B2B VR applications no longer need to be ashamed of B2C video games.
One of the goals of Human Games is to produce high graphics quality virtual reality applications at affordable prices.
The requirements of Marti Di Stefano, President of Human Games and graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, associated with Deise Mikhail's experience in optimizing production resources as well as a judicious recruitment of young talents enthusiasts, that Human Games produces VR applications with exceptional
All our young collaborators are video game enthusiasts, see hard gamers for some.
This is one of the reasons why our applications are in tune with young and old are used to video games.
Human Games has become a specialist in the assessment of soft skills through its virtual reality applications.
The collaboration with human resources firms and the psychoanalyst Pascal Neveu gave birth to projects and others are in development.
The originality of Human Games' approach lies in the inversion of the usual process of gamification of scientific elements.
The playful aspect is thus enhanced, which has the effect of further uninhibiting the user and thus obtaining more precise results.
Soft skills assessments can be integrated into all of our applications.
This is a flexible option.
Sound is a fundamental part of immersion.
Deise Mikhail, who has long been a record producer and remains a composer / arranger, has set up a sound production tool to illustrate the applications of Human Games.
Human Games uses actors when necessary.
The music is composed and produced by members of Human Games.
We are committed to carrying the values of the future.


Rive de Meurthe - Nancy - Human Games
Marti di Stefano - Nancy - Lorraine - Human Games
Réalité Virtuelle - Nancy - Lorraine - Human Games
Orbor - Grand Nancy - Réalité Virtuelle - Numérique
Jean Prouvé - Nancy - Lorraine - Studio d'enregistrement
Studio d'enregistrement - Jean Prouvé - Nancy - Réalité virtuelle - Human Games

Humanism, Nature and technology.

All our choices are framed by humanistic and ecological values. The well-being of our employees and our partners is a priority.
A welcoming environment that respects the sustainable economy seems to us to be an essential basis for the development of our employees and our projects.
Art is also a fundamental part of the corporate culture of Human Games. The career of the two founders is certainly not unrelated to this.
  • Our premises are located on the banks of Meurthe, a magical place that never ceases to reinvent oneself.
  • The Human Games recording studio is housed in a "Jean Prouvé" house, a famous designer from the School of Nancy.
  • Human Games is a signatory of the "THE B TEAM" charter.



Marti Di STEFANO - Human Games
CEO / Artistic Director
Deise Mikhail - Human Games
Nathan Mandin
Lead Developer
Nathan Mandin
3d Artist
Pascal Neveu - Human Games
Pascal NEVEU

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Our offices are located on Les Rives de Meurthe, in the new Orbor building dedicated to the Community of digital companies of Métropole du Grand Nancy.
16 rue de Regnieville, 54000 Nancy, France
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